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Relationship Intensives

A private relationship enhancing and healing experience in historic St. Louis for those who are experiencing difficulties with emotional or sexual intimacy, or both. The Intensive is taken privately, with you individually and as a couple, working with Linda daily, or several times daily in her St. Louis office, for a weekend or longer. Your relationship Intensive will extend to your evenings when you may practice relaxation and mindfulness techniques. This time away from family and daily concerns will allow us to work on all aspects of your relationship -- emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual -- as you combine daily work with Linda with your exploration of St. Louis and your own private time. I have twenty plus years of guiding couples back to being the intimate partners they once were.

In St. Louis we will work together to build or rebuild your connection to one another. I understand how a couple can lose their connection as natural familiarity, raising a family, building careers, frequent business travel, illness and other life issues slowly wear away at their relationship; how one day, they look at one another and wonder what happened, and they wonder how the relationship that was once so charged with laughter and intimacy can be restored.

I recommend couples arrange accommodations close to historic Lafayette Square. St. Louis is rich with restaurants and food culture, significant architecture, museums, a world class symphony, great rock venues, and a blues and music tradition with deep connections to Chicago, Memphis, and New Orleans. This experience leaves plenty of time to learn and relax together without the typical interruptions of everyday life.

Prior to the retreat experience:

  • We will talk by phone about relationship strengths, concerns, and goals for the Intensive. I will ask you to fill out an application form.

After the Intensive experience:

  • Couples are scheduled for three monthly coaching check-ins (by phone, of up to 30 minutes each) to help assure a successful transition back into the pressures of everyday life. These check-ins are intended to help sustain your progress. They are included in your one time fee for the intensive.

A note about sexual difficulties:

  • Lack of desire for sexual relatedness, and/or sexual boredom, are common threads for couples who have become disengaged. These sexual concerns will likely improve as a result of this Intensive experience.
  • Sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, orgasmic or pain difficulties will be addressed as needed during the Intensive.
Question: What does a typical schedule look like?

Every schedule is individualized, of course. But the following is pretty typical:

Usually I see the couple together on a Monday morning for about an hour to get a joint perspective on the issues. Later that afternoon, I usually spend 2 hours with each partner gaining some individual history (family of origin information, early sexual history, more details about the current problem). The couple is then free for a day of exploration in the St. Louis area.

On Tuesday I see both of you together for an hour or two. In this session, the goal is to give my professional perspective on the problems shared, outlining a treatment program which might include relationship skills such as communication strategies and suggestions to allow each partner to demonstrate caring, and to bring back the emotional closeness. I would also suggest some exercises to carry out in the privacy of your accommodations to help you relax, turn off the mind and "tune in" to your body again. I might also suggest a book or two for those who learn best this way.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we check in for an hour or two. We'll see how the exercises and other suggestions are going, and add additional structured touching exercises as each phase builds on the previous. With these, you'll learn about focus, relaxation, breath, and other tools to deal with interfering thoughts or problematic emotional states, like anxiety. Touching, beginning with sensual exercises involving the full body, gradually expands, as techniques for managing blocks to full sexual experience are mastered. Additional suggestions for specific sexual distresses are given as appropriate to the presenting problem. For example, in a case of rapid ejaculation, individual exercises are given to help you identify where you are in the sexual response cycle and using a "stop/start" method, to retrain the ejaculatory response. For women who are anorgasmic, individual suggestions might be offered to assist with arousal and learning about their own bodies.

On our final day we'll meet to wrap up, and I'll give you additional suggestions. We'll set up a telephone schedule to process through telephone coaching. Going home can be an exciting and time! Many couples are anxious that progress made in the cocoon of the retreat will be forgotten in the whirl of life's demand, and that old patterns will return. Follow-up coaching calls take care of that! These phone sessions will remind and refocus you.

Follow-up coaching calls of up to 30 minutes each are included in the Intensive package price. We'll do these at one month, three months, six months, and one year following the Intensive phase of our work. Of course, other arrangements can be made, such as a follow-up in one week rather than two.

Question: How are travel and hotel arrangements made?

While couples are responsible for their own transportation and hotel or B&B fees, our travel coordinator, Myra Rowan,, will be delighted to assist you.

Question: How much does it cost?
Because couples' intensives are highly individualized, we will determine the price together during our initial call .

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