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Reconnections Experience & Relationship Intensive

I offer two types of retreats for couples. The Reconnections Experience, and Private Relationship Intensive.

Private Relationship Intensive with Linda Weiner
in Historic St. Louis

A relationship therapy experience in historic St. Louis for those who are experiencing difficulties with emotional or sexual intimacy, or both. The Intensive is taken privately, with you individually and as a couple, working with Linda daily, or several times daily in her St. Louis office, for a weekend or longer. Your relationship Intensive will extend to your evenings when you may practice relaxation and mindfulness techniques. This time away from family and daily concerns will allow us to work on all aspects of your relationship -- emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual -- as you combine daily work with Linda with your exploration of St. Louis and your own private time. I have twenty plus years of guiding couples back to being the intimate partners they once were.

I highly recommend couples stay at the the Park Avenue Mansion Bed and Breakfast, which overlooks the oldest public park west of the Mississippi, in historic Lafayette Square. St. Louis is rich with restaurants and food culture, significant architecture, museums, a world class symphony, great rock venues, and a blues and music tradition with deep connections to Chicago, Memphis, and New Orleans.

In St. Louis we will work together to build or rebuild your connection to one another. I understand how a couple can lose their connection as natural familiarity, raising a family, building careers, frequent business travel, illness and other life issues slowly wear away at their relationship; how one day, they look at one another and wonder what happened, and they wonder how the relationship that was once so charged with laughter and intimacy can be restored.

Prior to the retreat experience:

  • We'll talk by phone about relationship strengths, concerns, and goals for the Intensive.
During the retreat experience you will:
  • learn how to experience mindfulness and relaxation through a series of experiential exercises

  • be given the opportunity to practice communication skills and learn various techniques to improve problem solving and intimacy

  • be invited to incorporate Tantric techniques as one modality of experiencing renewed connection

  • carry out suggested sensual/sexual experiences in the privacy of your accommodations in order to re-establish and strengthen trust and connection, and later process these exercises with me

  • experience a jump start effect which can be re-integrated into your everyday life.
This experience leaves plenty of time to learn and relax together without the typical interruptions of everyday life. After the Intensive experience:
  • Couples are scheduled for three monthly coaching check-ins (by phone, of up to 30 minutes each) to help assure a successful transition back into the pressures of everyday life. These check-ins are intended to help sustain your progress.
A note about sexual difficulties:
  • Lack of desire for sexual relatedness, and/or sexual boredom, are common threads for couples who have become disengaged. These sexual concerns will likely improve as a result of this Intensive experience.
  • Sexual difficulties such as erectile dysfunction, orgasmic or pain difficulties will be addressed as needed during the Intensive.


The Reconnections Experience:

In the Reconnections Experience a small group of couples meets at a beautiful, idyllic location conducive to relaxation and self-reflect in. Your long weekend in such a natural, calming environment will allow you to restore yourself and shed your everyday stresses while you experience more deeply the possibilities of love and heart connection in your relationship with your partner. You will learn, and take home with you, new verbal and non-verbal skills designed to bring you into deeper connection with yourself and your partner.

These long weekend retreats are offered in beautiful, scenic locations around the U.S., and occasionally abroad.

Linda works with teachers from various traditional and intuitive disciplines, such as Kundalini yoga, Thai yoga massage and other mindfulness practices. The purpose of these partnerships is to equip you with the tools you need to restore and enhance your own presence in self and your continued evolution as a couple. Evidence shows that presence in self is essential to creating presence with another, and that these mindfulness modalities can reform neural networks to promote healing and positive emotions.

Some offerings might include:

  • Healing environment of natural beauty
  • Guided Thai Yoga Couples' Massage
  • Training for Enhanced sensitivity through gently guided breath and movement sessions
  • Practices of relationship wisdom
  • Peace and private time away from daily distractions
  • Restorative spas
  • Peaceful lodging with breakfast included

    Email me to see what I'm incubating. Also, Reconnections Experiences will be announced as they are offered.

Just a note: At no time will individuals or couples be asked to engage in physically intimate activities outside of their own rooms. I am a therapist who works through communication with couples rather than through observational or demonstrative methods.
Your privacy is always paramount.

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